The Rise Golf Course overlooking the lake

Discover VERNON

mountain biking with a view

This is where nature's beauty unfolds. Where rubber meets dirt, paddle meets turquoise water, and adventure beckons across limitless landscapes. Where ciders are born from local orchards and wines dance from grapes to glass.

Two people dining in the apple orchard at Cambium Cider

Here, smiles are shared freely and kindred spirits find each other naturally. This is a place where your spirit can shine in a welcoming embrace.

Build your dream vacation

With such an abundance of adventure and enchanting experiences available here, it can be hard to know where to start. But as is the Vernon way, we’ve tapped into local knowledge and put together some itineraries for you, as well as compiled the latest lineup of events, so you’re in the know before you go.

girl at lookout over Kalamalka Lake

What's On in April

Check out our monthly round up what is going on and what the locals are up to in March.

Kalamalka Provincial Park view of colourful waters and hills

The Ultimate Spring Itinerary for a Memorable Vernon Adventure

Embark on a spring adventure in Vernon, BC, that promises a weekend filled with breathtaking natural beauty, cultural discoveries, and unforgettable experiences.